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October 2014




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Open my mind and open my heart

To my psychic power that lies within

Give me the strength to use it well

Facing West to cast this spell

I ask the Gods and Goddesses too

To make me aware of my psychic ability

To grant me strength in using it for right

And help me to see where others may need help

Show and direct me in all that I do

And guide me in the path of love and light

I ask for my Guides to lead me to

My psychic ability to help me and guide me on my journey

So mote it be



October 2014




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Use purification oil or water


In the place that I stand

remove the negative

Purify this space by my words,

cleansing all the corners

whether light or dark

Lord and Lady that watch from above

I cast this spell to cleanse the dark edges

And purify with the light of the Sun

and by the light of the candle

I cast this spell to cleanse and purify

No remnant remain

In this space that flows with light and love

Blessed be



October 2014




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As the Earth Goddess protects me from harm,

I am surrounded by her loving arms,

Through her Moon lit veil, She shields me

From the evils of despair and mine enemies

Negativity disappears without a trace,

As the Earth Goddess helps me stay strong and safe

Through Her eternal peace, I am healthy and strong

Knowing that the negativity will stay gone

Healing rays pour in

Negativity and pain fade away, allowing positivity to begin

Thanks to the Earth Goddess for all her protective love

Sent from her ethereal perch above

Blessed be



October 2014




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This spell I cast to the East, West, North and South

The words that I utter from my mouth

Will stand the wind still and bring peace and calm

Not watery murk, sand, silt or muddy balm

But a tranquil quiet in all things be

The tornado will pass away from me

Cast in the wind

To shatter the tornadoes spin

Cast it once in peace let be

Cast it twice for Ancients to see

Cast again for the mercy of the wind

To cease its spinning and grinding

Giving thanks to the Great Above

The winds will calm with one last magical shove

The wind is still, the tornado gone

Blessed be.



October 2014




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Light a 7 Day Candle

Pray out Loud

Great Goddess, I pray to you,

Giving thanks for all that you do

The Sun and Moon adore you ways

I pray that you will keep me all of my days

In the warmth of your spirit, and the light of the moon

I ask that you watch over all that I do

Under you care, and watchful gaze

The lessons of Horus to amaze

I ask for your protection from harm

And to be protected in your arms

Giving thanks to your wondrous ways

Oh Goddess I thank you for all of my days



September 2014



Money Drawing Aura:

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You will need:


Money Drawing Bath and Wash


Money Drawing Bath Crystals

Money Drawing Psychic Powder

Has no Hana Anointing Oil

Money Drawing Sparkling Salts

A few Coins


In order to fulfill your desire, make my seven sisters of New Orleans products part of your daily rituals. Adding half a bottle of money joint staff in wash to your daily bath. Increase the potency of the bath by adding 1/2 cup money drawing back crystals to the water. Add 1/2 cup money drawing bath and wash to the water your clothes are washed in.

Put a pinch of money drawing psychic power in each pocket alone with an anointed point to attract additional wealth.

Anoint your fingers with has no Hana anointing Oriel to assure that you will always have money

Sprinkle a thin line of money drawing sprinkling salt in front of the door of your house and make sure to sprinkle a small amount in all corners of your home.



September 2014



Money Drawing

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Money Drawing Spell

Today I’m going to show you guys a simple spell to help you become wealthy or just have some extra cash. Unfortunately with many of us we don’t have a lot of cash to pay the bills. But we do have the ability  to request  the spirits to help us.  and some of us have acquired the power order the spirits to help them. Nevertheless matter what your skill level is this spell should help get the money rolling. 

To the altar you will bring:

Your wallet or purse

Folding money and six coins

Money drawing incense

Four Green Jumbo Candles

Cinnamon Oil

Money Drawing Anoint Oil

Showers of Gold Anointing Oil

Psalm 65


The Money Drawing Ritual:


Arrange your altar with care. Less for green jumbo candles with cinnamon oil to draw strong vibrations and attract good luck in your financial affairs. Light money drawing incense to attract money in your direction.


Place your wallet and your money on the altar in front of you and recite Psalm 65 to assure your good fortune.


Rub the inside of your wallet with money drawing oil and place in the center of the altar. Anoint the four corners of each bill which showers of gold oil and place on top of the wallet. Place several drops of money trying Oreo when your fingers; rub your thumb and fingers together and polish each only before placing it on the altar. As you focus on your goal, recite,

Fruit in the cup board, bread in the house, money in the pocket, beloved friends here about.

You’re blessed while it an money will attract more money to fill your needs and desires




June 2014



How to Buy Essential Oils

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How to Buy Essential Oils

Essential oils offer many mental and physical benefits and produce an amazing aroma. However, buying essential oils can be a bit tricky. There are many vendors across the web that offer and make it easy to buy essential oils in various scents, sizes, and prices. With so many options, how does one go about selecting an essential oil to buy? Below are a few tips to help make the decision a little easier.

  • Watch for certain phrases when a vendor is describing their products. If they continually refer to the oils as fragrance oil or naturally identical oil, chances are their product is not a pure essential oil and will contain chemicals that provide a better smell or will simply be only chemicals in the package you receive.
  • Be mindful of vendors that sale their oils in plastic or clear glass bottles when you go to buy essential oils. Vendor selling quality essential oils will typically sell them in 4 oz. dark colored glass bottles that could be even smaller.
  • Try and avoid dealers who ship their products in bottles with a dropper bulb on the cap. Essential oils will dissolve the rubber and will contaminate the contents inside.
  • Look for vendors who list all details about their oils. Information such as country of origin and extraction process can give you a good idea of the quality of their product.
  • Avoid non-organic oils. The quality difference between organic and non-organic oils are substantial and will affect the quality of the product you receive.
  • Avoid oils that appear as though they have been sitting for an extended period of time, dust on the cap for example. Essential oils will break down over time and the quality will be degraded.

These elements have a lot to offer us and the above list should help when you are looking to buy essential oils. Ensuring you pay attention to what you are buying will also ensure you will get the most satisfaction from your purchase.



June 2014



How to Make a Talisman

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How to Make a Talisman

Talismans are useful tools that are often made from crystals or gemstones and will help with achieving future desired results. They have a specific ability to help people by increasing their power and aid in focusing. It is not a simple trinket or a lucky coin or anything of that nature. It is a powerful tool that will help the user in accomplishing different tasks.

Even though you can purchase a talisman that is very powerful, making talismans is fairly simple and it will infuse them with even more power. You will have to decide why you are creating it, what it is that you want to bring into your life. After you have decided, you will then have to do some research in order to design it properly so it will achieve the desired results. Find out what planet is associated with what it is that you need. For example, if you need to bring some wealth into your life, you would want to research signs and symbols associated with Jupiter. Also, find out what other magical symbols are related to that specific need.

Once you have gathered all the symbols you think will be necessary, you now have to design the talisman itself. You can do this in many ways. If you are the handy type, perhaps you could carve the created design on a piece of wood. If you are a proficient artist, you could draw it and then seal it in a manner to protect it from the elements. Another option is to use a designing program such as Adobe Illustrator and have someone create the image on a gem, crystal, or even a piece of metal. After it has been created, you will have to consecrate and charge your talisman. There is an abundant amount of resources available both online and in your local library to help you decide what is the best ritual for you to use in consecrating and charging your talismans.



May 2014



Enhance your love

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If you have the good fortune to have love in your life, it is essential that you do everything possible to keep that love strong. seven sisters of New Orleans products are formulated to preserve the sure things in your life.

Your relationship with the one you love must be nourished. Just as you feed your body to keep it healthy and well, you must do your spirit so that your love warm and satisfying area add style by changing your ritual and products from one lovemaking session to the next; variety is the spice of life.

Both of you should be in one of the following bath/  washes:


  • Has No Hanna
  • Come to Me
  • Seventh Heaven
  • Strong Love
  • Squint


To increase the potency of the path you will want to add Adam and eve bath, gel or crystals.  Strong love crystals will keep your desire powerful and will prevent anyone from separating the two of you.  For a special occasion seventh heaven will bring sexual gratification never before experienced. To enrich her spirit you should read and meditate on psalm 149  especially powerful doing a ritual bath.

Give your alter a place of honor in the bedroom. Worship they are together.  This will bring you closer together physically and spiritually.  sexual satisfaction will be enhanced by adding Cleopatra or fire of love anointing oil to the warm bath.  These these oils will make a significant improvement in sexual performance when used in the bedroom.  Annoyed each other –  before lovemaking –  with fire on the enjoyed the heightened sensitivity that will be yours;  be sure to touch all the right spots.  Five drops of Cleopatra loyal on each corner of the bed will excite your senses and make your lovemaking achieve its promise.

Certainly you do not want to combine too many ingredients at one time. On another occasion, a knowing each other with jasmine or musk oil as the opening to your lovemaking.

to complete the bedroom setting for a night of sheer delight, make sure to sprinkle seven sisters psychic powder around the edges of the room.  Choose from come to me, desire me, love me tonight and some of my fragrant incense.  Keep to the theme you have chosen by adding your choice of come to me, fire of love, our love is attraction.  Or introduce some variety with hug and kiss me or strong love.

Remember, above all you must please your mate and offer your special person every opportunity to award you with all the pleasure you deserve.  And remember again, variety is the spice of love.